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Why Second Marriage?

In a perfect world, men and women would marry, live long and happy lives together, and leave this world at about the same time. There would be no need for second marriages. But we live in a world that is far from perfect. People sometimes die young, leaving behind grieving spouses with potentially long lives ahead of them. And too many marriages simply do not last and collapse into divorce.

Many couples see a second marriage as a fresh start and a new chance at happiness. The biggest benefit of a second marriage is gratitude. Whatever the reason for a divorce, finding love again and exchanging vows feels like a second chance. Many couples are determined to do everything they can to make things work next time around.

You know what you want: You know what you're looking for and what you can live without because of your first marriage.

You've taken ownership of what you did wrong the first time around: Nobody goes into their first marriages thinking they’re going to get divorced. But it happens. So if you are brave enough to try again, marriage is only better the second time around if you learn from your earlier mistakes.

Be acceptable: Surely you must have been through a lot in your previous marriage and will be wary of your present partner. But try and have an open mind and positive thinking.

Do you know the secrets of a successful second marriage?

Respect, positive communication and having a good sense of humour go a long way in making your second marriage last a lifetime. According to a new study - Couples who tie the knot for the second time are happier than before and less likely to get divorced.

Well Known psychologist says, “When a person is tying the knot for the second time, one must make sure that they have completely reprocessed the past and negative experiences associated with the previous marriage. Further, never get into a second marriage with pre-conceived notions. It will only hamper your relationship. Learn to go with the flow.”

What Dharma Vaidic Do for Your Second Marriage/Remarriage?

Remarriage/Second Marriage in India has always been a topic best left untouched. Through ages, the society has dealt with Divorcees, Widows and Widowers with a different eye. Our humble attempt to eliminate all such biases and provide an effective platform/Communication for individuals seeking remarriage and yearning to start a new life.

Our first and foremost aim is to arrange remarriage profiles to Meet your perfect partner and start a new life.

Why Choose Our Second Marriage/Remarriage Matrimonial Services?

Authentic Second Marriage/Remarriage Profiles at Dharma Vaidic: We have so many Families with us who does not believe in cheap online matching website. We have 100% Genuine and Authentic Remarriage/Second Marriage Profiles, which is not like from any others who does not know their members. We know each and every one as we visited them personally.

Confidentiality Guaranteed at Dharma Vaidic: Our Service is 100% discreet and Confidential related to Remarriage/Second Marriage. We are committed to keeping your personal information confidential. We understand your position in society so your information is always safe with us.

Distinguished Care at Dharma Vaidic: We will understand your expectation from us. We also understand your lifestyle, Partner expectation. So, Our Best Experienced Matchmakers provides you the best possible unmatched service to find out Perfect life partner.

Professional Working Culture at Dharma Vaidic: We don’t Just ask what type of Bride/Groom you required for Second Marriage/Remarriage; We invest time upfront to learn about Your Family and Background, Culture and Values, Challenges etc, How you like to be Serviced, Your Previous Experience with others and what you expect from us.

Some Benefits as Second Marriage/Remarriage Client

We Share your Responsibility: A Dedicated Highly Experienced Relationship Manager Understand your Partner preference in the details.

Expert Search: Your Relationship manager search matches according to your Partner Preference.

Shortlisted Matches: Among all the profile your Relationship manager chooses the perfect remarriage offer/profile which is mostly matches with your Partner Preference.

Initiate Communication: Your Relationship Manager contacts with matching prospect on behalf of you and ensure effecting communication between you and your match.

Meet the Prospect: Your relationship manager arranges meeting based on mutual Interest.

Second Marriage/Remarriage Matrimonial Services Package Price?

Somewhere Out there Your Ideal Match (Bride/Groom) is Ready with the family and values You Need. Finding and Attracting Remarriage can be Challenging, Time-Consuming Process. To streamline the matchmaking steps for You, Dharma Vaidic has designed and perfected a methodology, let us Find them for You only at –

Rs 51,001/- + 18% GST (12 Months) = Rs 60,181 - PAY Now

Don’t want to pay Full Amount Don’t Worry

Start by paying Sagun Amount - PAY Now

What is Shagun Amount and Why it is necessary?

Marriage is considered to be a religious ceremony by all communities, the holy mantras are chanted in order to wish a happy life for the couple. In Marriage there are many of rituals before, during and post marriage like Subh Muhurt, Subh Lagna, Kundli Milan etc. It is likewise said that one must give some amount or a Shagun which is given at the beginning to start the activity of matchmaking for marriage alliances as good luck, there is no bar for the Shagun amount, it may be Rs 5001/-, or Rs 10,001/- or any other amount as capacity or financial conditions. No matter how much amount you give as Shagun but it always ends on 1. How could be something good start with a zero (as per psychological notion), so add a rupee simply and as counting begins with one (1). So, one is considered as the beginning of something good.

Important Notice for Parents/Guardians:

# Avail 30% Flat discount for Daughters/Sisters.

# Economically/Financially weak Families can call directly, we will definitely Help with no fees.  

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